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"Understanding Abortion Later in Pregnancy" flyer (100 count)

"Understanding Abortion Later in Pregnancy" flyer (100 count)

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Many of our friends and neighbors are unaware of the facts surrounding late term abortion. That's why we designed our brand new flyer, "Understanding Abortion Later in Pregnancy."

The flyer takes a "stealth" approach, looking like a flyer that could be found in any Ob/Gyn's office, and slowly reveals the facts about late term abortion:

  • Late term abortion is not as rare as many people believe.
  • In the majority of late term abortions, both mother and baby are healthy.
  • Most Americans strongly oppose late term abortion.
  • Late term abortion is violent and inhumane.

For just $19.95—including free shipping—you'll get a packet of 100 pamphlets to hand out to friends and neighbors, place on the literature shelf at the back of church, or even pass out door-to-door.


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