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"They Were Our Brothers and Sisters" Pamphlet (100 count)

"They Were Our Brothers and Sisters" Pamphlet (100 count)

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Originally designed to be distributed during the Pro-Life Action League's all-new public display abortion victim photos, this powerful piece of literature is now available as a stand-alone handout.

"They Were Our Brothers and Sisters" invites viewers to make a personal connection with the unborn victims of abortion. Without touching on politics or religion, this piece uses beautiful pictures of life in the womb and carefully chosen images of abortion victims to appeal to the heart.

The pamphlet uses a "French fold" design to draw viewers in, first revealing the beauty of life in the womb at 7 and 16 weeks, and then showing the reality of abortion at 8, 11, and 15 weeks, with moving reflections on the loss of each of these children's lives.

For just $19.95—including free shipping—you'll get a packet of 100 pamphlets to hand out for friends and neighbors, place on the literature shelf at the back of church, or even pass out door-to-door to change hearts and minds on abortion.


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