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Contraception Is Not the Answer Conference

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Eight full-length talks from a panel of nationally renowned speakers expose the dark side of the widespread use of contraception in our culture. 8 CDs

Topics include:

"Comprehensive Failure: The Harm Done by Pro-Contraception Sex Ed,” by Libby Macke

"The Emptied Quiver: The Protestant Embrace of Contraception,” by Allan Carlson, PhD

"Hormones 'R' Us: How Contraceptives Alter Human Relationships” by Janet Smith, PhD

"The Infertile Soul: Contraception's Influence on Faith and Society,” Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer

"The ‘Perfect Family’: How Contraception Affects Marriage and the Home,” by Damon Clarke Owens

"Societal Suicide: The Profound Demographic Impact of Contraception,” by Andrew Pollard

"The Decline of Males: How Contraception Alters the Status and Identity of Men," by Lionel Tiger, PhD

"Women's Liberation? The Cultural Contradictions of Contraception," by Jennifer Roback Morse

These talks were originally presented at the Pro-Life Action League's conference, Contraception Is Not the Answer, held in September 2006.