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Pro-Life Literature Bundle (100 count)

Pro-Life Literature Bundle (100 count)

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The Pro-Life Literature Bundle contains 100 pieces of literature — 25 of each of our most popular pieces!

You'll get 25 copies each of:

  • Getting to know Planned Parenthood
    The truth about the nation's largest abortion provider

  • Understanding Abortion Later in Pregnancy
    All the facts about the brutal practice of late-term abortion

  • The Abortion Pill: What You Need to Know
    Learn all about the fastest growing method of abortion

  • They Were Our Brothers and Sisters
    Photos of the victims of abortion with meditations on their lost lives

Share these flyers with friends and family, or pass them out in the public square!

The cost of $19.95 includes free shipping!

Order yours today to help change hearts and minds on abortion.

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