About the Pro-Life Action League

Pro-Life Action League Protest in 2007The Pro-Life Action League was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980 with the aim of saving unborn children through non-violent direct action.

We are doing all we can to stop the killing and the exploitation. Some of our key activities are:

Abortion Clinic Presence

Through prayer vigils outside abortion facilities and sidewalk counseling, we reach out to abortion-bound women and couples with abortion alternatives, confidential counseling, access to pregnancy resources and other help, and witness to the value of the lives being destroyed inside.

We believe sidewalk counseling is the most important pro-life work God has given us to do. Praying outside abortion clinics is the first step in becoming directly involved fighting abortion.

Public Protest

We raise awareness of the injustice of abortion through marches, pickets, prayer vigils and especially Face the Truth Tours, during which we hold large abortion pictures on busy streets to show what abortion does to the unborn child.

Since 2007, we have kept a constant monthly protest presence at Planned Parenthood Aurora, one of the nation's largest abortion facilities as well as protesting numerous pro-abortion politicians and other public figures who oppose the rights of the unborn babies.

The League made history with the "Stand Up for Religious Freedom" rallies held in March, June and October 2012 in opposition to the Obamacare HHS Mandate. This largest-ever multi-city coordinated protest effort was held in hundreds of locations, with hundreds of thousands participating and extensive coverage across all news media.

Confronting the Abortionists

We confront the abortionists and abortion promoters wherever they are. We picket and demonstrate outside abortion facilities, pro-abortion events, the offices of abortion organizations like NOW and Planned Parenthood and even abortionists' houses. We infiltrate their meetings and groups.

Through our programs we've closed eight abortion clinics in Chicago alone and nearly a hundred across the country.

We expose the bias of the pro-abortion media and have blocked pro-abortion advertising. We put pressure on pro-abortion politicians and call abortion supporters within the church to change their ways and defend life.

We have converted abortionists. Their testimonies on how they got into and out of the dirty abortion business are collected on our Meet the Abortion Providers videos.

Promoting and Defending Activism

The League helps pro-life activists organize effective programs, trains them to become successful pro-life leaders in their communities and saves lives through direct action. We provide training materials and conduct training workshops in many areas of pro-life activism.

We have fought many court battles to defend our right to peacefully protest abortion, especially the landmark NOW v. Scheidler RICO case, securing rights for all pro-lifers.

Broadcasting the Pro-Life Message

We have appeared on Nightline, Hannity's America, The O'Reilly Factor, Crossfire, Oprah, Good Morning America and many other programs and been covered in Newsweek, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune to name just a few. Through press releases we comment on current life issues and inform the media of our activities.

We keep in touch with our supporters through a 24-hour Action News Hotline, with commentary on current pro-life issues and action alerts. Our Life-Update message keeps our supporters aware of current events and issues via e-mail—see "Sign Up Now" on our homepage to sign up. We publish a quarterly newspaper Action News on all our life-saving activities.

We conduct seminars and conferences, lecture before student groups, speak at pro-life rallies, and debate at leading universities.

Youth Outreach

We get young people involved in learning about the life issues and fighting abortion through our Generations for Life division. Generations for Life helps teens form vibrant pro-life clubs and trains them through a yearly Youth Leadership Conference. We also encourage teens to participate in pro-life activism.

Contact the Pro-Life Action League

The Pro-Life Action League can be reached online or by phone at 630-896-1200.

More information about the Pro-Life Action League, including financial data, privacy policy and organizational history is available on the League website.